Six Pack Shortcuts 2

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is a revolutionary new workout program that’s been shown to help men who are in the age range of 18 to 35 burn fat and get the ripped six pack abs they’ve always been dreaming of.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 a 90 day workout program that’s broken down into three distinct phases. This program can be done at home without even a gym membership and only a couple of dumbbell weights. Six Pack Shortcuts 2 allows you to choose your own intensity level. This is truly revolutionary, because this allows anyone at any fitness level to use this fat-burning workout simply by adjusting what’s known as the “intensity gauge” to meet their own personal needs.

Originally created by Clark Shao, Jonny Catanzano, and Henry Tran, Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is truly the workout program for you.

How is Six Pack Shortcuts 2 different from Six Pack Shortcuts

Good question. The answer is that with Six Pack Shortcuts 2, there is absolutely no gym equipment or gym membership required. All you’ll for this routine is a pair of dumbbells. For best results, workout videos are demonstrated using dumbbells, but Jonny and Clark help out by giving tips on how to perform more challenging moves in body weight variations.

A new feature are the “scorch sets.” These are three exercises performed back to back without rest in between, which allows the creators to shorten the overall length of the workouts without sacrificing any of the truly incredible fat-burning intensity. All workouts in Six Pack Shortcuts 2 are now under 35 minutes in length.

Another new feature are “advanced training days.” In this new setup, day five is optional. It’s more of a bonus challenge for guys who might have a little bit more training experience, or gym memberships, that are looking for some truly accelerated results. Jonny teaches “pause rep” or “tempo training” techniques in these videos, and this workout also does require gym equipment, which is why it’s completely optional.

And the final new feature is the “intensity gauge.” In each of the workout videos, Jonny and Clark give very specific guidance on what you need to do to “turn’up” or “turn-down” the intensity of each workout. They do this by using specific rest period breaks between each of the scorch sets. As far as the rest periods go, for level one it’s 40 seconds, for level two it’s 30 seconds, and lastly for level three it’s 20 seconds. This way, no matter what fitness level any of your members are at, they’ll all have a good starting place to work with in this program.

How does Six Pack Shortcuts 2 work?

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is a three phase, three month program that is sure to help you burn fat and put on some of the lean muscle you’ve been looking for. In the first of the three phases, the afterburn training phase, for thirty days you’ll be doing full body workouts, bodyweight plus weighted exercises, as well as more endurance based workouts that have been specifically designed to boost the fat-burning metabolism in your body.

The second phase in Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is the leptin boosting phase. Also lasting thirty days, this phase takes advantage of body part specific workouts, also known as isolation training. It places more emphasis on weighted exercises, and for core cardio gives you sixty seconds of core exercise that have been added into each set. This phase boosts thermogenesis and accelerates calorie burn in your body. When the body is in a thermogenic state, leptin sensitivity is far greater, which is why this particular phases is all about thermogenesis.

The third and final phase in Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is the muscle building phase. Also a thirty day phase, this one uses compound resistance training in order to support optimal energy levels. It has more of an advanced functional movement base added directly into the program, and in support of core strength, this phases also adds weighted ab exercises into each and every set. Lastly, it increases core development to generate visible ab lines by the end of this revolutionary ninety day program.

In terms of weekly workouts, this program has four workouts that are done on four days each week, plus that optional single workout day that was previously mentioned. This consists of day one, day two, day three, day four, and day five, which is considered to be more of an advanced training day for those with more training and experience, or simply for those who want to take their workout to the next level.

What Makes Six Pack Shortcut 2 Unique?

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is unique in a variety of ways. For each of the fat burning and muscle building workouts, Jonny and Clark coach you in your training as Henry demonstrates one complete round of each and every workout. The creators of Six Pack Shortcuts 2 did this because they felt this would allow Jonny and Clark to focus on giving very thorough exercise instruction, as well as add in tips, variations, and other helpful things in a much easier fashion.

For members who are brand new starting with Six Pack Shortcuts 2, or for those who have a lot of weight to lose, the creators recommend that you complete the entire program at the level one pace. This way, after the ninety day program has been completed at level one, viewers can go back through and complete this revolutionary program all over again as a level two, then once again as a level three, until you truly achieve the body that you desire to attain.

At a truly affordable cost of $97, Six Pack Shortcuts 2 includes several helpful bonuses, including a 1 day trial to six pack meal plan, accelerated abs, arm blaster, the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 app, and an option to add DVDs.